Jo in the Media


Jo Barnett has been working as a professional life coach with individuals and companies for over five years. She is a certified coach with the Coaches Training Institute, an industry Leader. What makes Jo unique is her intuition and the connection she forms with people instantly!

This is what makes coaching so much more life altering. Her dating coaching and personal coaching is geared towards creating the most fulfilling life, full of energy and fun.

This is what her clients say about her

‘I found my coaching sessions with Jo really life changing.

She helped me approach relationships in a different, more constructive way and my confidence levels in all areas of my life have really increased. Not only have I now found a happy relationship, but by improving my communication

Skills I’ve also been able to make positive changes at work and progress my career.’

Sarah, a journalist, 37

“I met Jo on holiday and was fascinated when she said she was a dating coach. I had been off the dating scene for a very long time and felt it was the right time for me to get involved in a relationship again. I was tentative at first, believing I knew myself rather well. I didn’t really have high expectations of where our sessions would lead, although I knew Jo as a warm, loving and totally trustworthy person and that I would be safe in her hands.

The results have been astonishing. I have discovered that Jo is a great coach and mentor. Through working with her, my confidence has soared, not only in dating, but also in my business and just about every other area of my life. While she is totally supportive, she is also incredibly sharp and doesn’t let you get away with anything that is detrimental to your development or achieving your goals.

What started out as a relatively lighthearted adventure has become something much more important and fundamental to my future happiness. I haven’t yet met ‘the one’, but I’m certainly having a great time trying to find him!”

– Frances Pardell , Owner of Pardell PR

“When I started working with Jo I had one simple objective: to improve my

dating skills.  Her warm and friendly style of coaching immediately

appealed to me, and whilst I didn’t have super high expectations at the

beginning, I was confident that Jo’s approach would get the best out of

me.  The success I have enjoyed over the last few months has been

remarkable, it’s far exceeded my expectations.  Through well targeted

exercises focussed on my areas of weakness I’ve acquired skills and

attributes that no so long ago didn’t seem possible, and as a result my

self belief and confidence has never been higher.  The benefits have

extended well beyond dating and have opened up new opportunities at work as

well.  What I didn’t expect was to enjoy it so much, trying out new ideas

and challenges with support and encouragement from Jo made the sessions and

time in between feel like fun rather than hard work!”


“Jo has a warm and empathetic style of coaching and really knows how to get the best out of her clients by being solution focused.”

– Andrew Risner, Speaker and trainer

“Jo is an extremely talented, skilled and intuitive coach, she has a natural ability for identifying issues and above all she is so easy and comfortable to work with, using her gentle but focused approach. She is encouraging and supportive and achieves outstanding results.”

– A Client

Just wanted to thank you once again for todays coaching session, its left me feeling energised and eager to get meeting people and simply be myself!’