Jo in the Media

Letting in the love



Lifestyle bootcamp to get up to speed with dating, love, self confidence and new skills to attract and keep your partner!

Saturday 17th June

Venue Central London


10 am – 11am

We will start by taking a look at at your current perspective on finding love and dating– where are you now?  Is it a helpful place or do you want to move on and start somewhere fresh with less baggage?

Taking a look at why you want a relationship? What’s the compelling vision?  To do all this work and put the time in you will need to be connected to a strong driving force and remember why you are doing it.

11- 12.30

Where do you need to be in order to attract someone?

How open are you? Put away that tick list – To get who you want you also need to be that person for yourself.  Starting to live a fuller life that will attract the type of partner you want to attract.  Do you know who you are looking for and when you find them what will they love about you?

We will take some time to discover what you need to do for you before you find the person.

12.30 – 1.30

How are you sabotaging yourself – current concerns, problem areas, what do you tell yourself that keeps you stuck?

Lunch with the group, sharing the learning.

2.30 – 3.30

The power of visualisation

Future partner visualization; take a journey to allow yourself to see into the future where you have your partner by your side, experience what it would be like and notice what you had to let go of in order to let it in.

3.30 – 4.30

flirting tips and ways to create sexual chemistry

Q @ A

5.00 – 5.45

Write your own personal action plan with the help of our team

Commit do doing three things different to what you have tried recently!

Finally, what needs to happen to have you stay fully committed to doing what you have said you will do?

Farewells and the chance to go out and practice new perspectives with the group.