Jo in the Media


A Brand new form of coaching:

Jo Barnett, BA (Hons), CPCC, Personal Work / Life Balance Coaching

 “If you do the same thing you have always done you’ll get what you always got”.

I help you move and grow into the person you want to see by showing you the following:

d)   Learn where you are kidding yourself

e)   Identify and claim your goals and desires

f)     Shift what’s in the way

g)   Get a change of perspective

h)   Receive excellent reflection back from your coach

Why hire me as your coach?

I am passionate about your transformation from an average to exceptional life.

Using connection and intuition I get to build rapport fast, which will help when things get sticky.

Coaching is the relationship between the committed coach and the client who is ready to make a change.  If this sounds like you then please contact me to arrange a complimentary phone session.

With love and commitment